• Brief outline of the legal structure of the Holding.
• Brief outline of the mission to make the communication
of the United Nations more efficient and effective.

The legal construction is as follows:

The Foundation CastingInternational-Expeditions (soon to be founded) is editorially an independent organization, and has exclusive contracts with two companies (soon to be founded):

Casting International, Ltd, operational as: AV+IT project developer / tactical directing .
Casting International Second Unit, Ltd, production of film-video productions.
A Social Welfare Organisation, in Dutch an ANBI stichting
(special legal foundation for General Welfare) with the name:
‘Reality-TV of the Purple Knights (RTPK)’.
All Organisations are fit in an Holding So Speak!..., Ltd

CISU is a video production company with the mission to help make the communication of United Nations organizations more efficient and more effective (on this basis we are accredited).

To achieve this mission we are training our ‘own’ video production teams that afield can serve as eyes & ears.

2 lines pitch of ‘Reality-TV of the Purple Knights (RTPK)’:
Reality-TV (RT):
an internet TV station (vocal piece) for, and strategically driven by, United Nations organizations,
financially self-sufficient, and earn money to finance:
Purple Knights (PK):
a Worldwide deployable military organized hightech observation team of specially trained observers,
which provides the UN afield with eyes and ears in ‘real time’.

The aim is the creation of an organized military set up without guns but equipped with non-lethal weapons and uniform. For this, students from higher education and trainees from secondary vocational training (50-50 male/ female) are selected and recruited and trained in video production teams according to a standard programme that has its origin in the training syllabuses for Dutch army conscripts during the Cold War, and which has been innovatively adapted for training such teams in order to realize many UN-film assignments.

Only trainees who have completed their traineeship with an 8, 9, or 10 (Dutch Educational marking system) are offered time contracts.

Teams to be sent on mission are led by a former career officer expert or film production expert or domain expert during film productions with a duration ranging from 1 week to max. 3 months.
There are three degrees of risk operation: Low (all productions in the Benelux)

Medium (most) operations

High (warzones, organized crime, anticorruption projects).

The teams are multi disciplinary in terms of their educational composition allowing them to work as a self supporting entity.
The freelance time contracts allows for a noncommittal to missions, but there are many needed with different levels and training.
State of affairs today (November 2013): 120 crew-members and 30 staff-members are available for freelance contracts.

!  Integrity (do what you say, and say what you do)
X Heroic,
X Determined
X Merciful
! We take negativisms, and make them positive!

Video teams make the following kind of (edutainment) video films
● promo’s ● documentaries ● feature films
● research reports ● reconstructions ● commercials
● monitoring ● instruction films ● viral marketing scripts
● Reality TV ● formats and mediaplans ● special, tailor made team buildings
● video CV’s ● video business and organizational presentations
● digital Search&Find-engines for video clip series, such as websites or web pages on internet,
● scripts / scenario’s/ screenplays/ treatments/ planning/ financial breakdowns

All genres (from horror to comedy, from business facts to fiction, entertainment, educational, functional).

RTPK will have the form of a Social Welfare Organisation because:
1integrity and transparancy are the pillars on which the trust of advertisers is based.
Advertisers and sponsors have a key role in the business plan.
It is essential that when they engage in contracts for advertising and sponsor-messages, they can fully rely on the
contract being carried out exactly how they desired.
This is also why that on website there is a great deal of openness concerning the income of the Foundation and its
distribution thereof;
2The nature of the ANBI is equal to a non-profit, which allows international non-profit servers to be used that
can stream at a reduced cost video data, amongst others, by satellite.making of

This ANBI foundation (Social Welfare Organization) is extensively described here
because a large part of the sales proceeds (subsequent repayments to investors with the agreed interest)
are intended for this Charity.