• How edutainment can be a sound business
and make profits for investors.
• We have a straight forward businessplan to realize films
and offer investors low risk opportunities to invest.

Welcome to 'CastingInternational-Expeditions (CI-E)', a Dutch Foundation (soon to be founded).

This is a website of the organization (in development) 'CastingInternational-Expedities',
a operating company of the Holding So speak!... BV, see the organisational below.

The Foundation has a Board, no members.
The directors of the Foundation are gainfully employed.
The Foundation may employ administrative support staff.

The CastingInternational-Expeditions Foundation has with 2 video-film production companies exclusive outsourcing contracts for the organisation, production and realization of talent hunts, documentaries and feature film stories according to the format 'So speak!...' © and 'Mediaplan 'Uganda’ ©.

These business undertakings are, both soon to be founded in accordance with Dutch law:
● Casting International BV, operational as: AV + ICT projects developer / strategic and tactical & creative Director
● Casting International Ltd, operational as manufacturer of video film productions

The profits per film that these companies make for the Foundation flow firstly to the investors.
The extra profits are mainly to be paid to Charities, including activities of the United Nations.

The Foundation produces, in close cooperation with various United Nations agencies movies about
global development issues, with universal themes, to market and distribute these products and services thereafter.

Our entertainment-with-education-content is aimed at major national and international target groups.

A company / organisation / brand can place advertiser- and sponsor-expressions in our documentary series, TV talent show, and feature films.

Products, services, and/or brands get positive attention, high viewing ratings and a sustainable image-connectedness.

As investor / participant you have a say in the choice of the leading roles,
and influence on the further distribution of a large part of the proceeds,
to aid Non-Governmental Organisations and charities whose messages support the relevant series or movie.

This BUSINESS FUNDING website aims on business investors as participants, who invest from €.25.000 (TWENTYFIVE-THOUSAND Euro’s) till max 5 million (FIVE MILLION) Euro’s (= 20 % total value of the Holding during the first generation) per business investeerder per participation-share in the Holding; and who receive for this a fixed interest rate of 30% inclusive TAX for the invested amount after max 7 years. Their high extra profit is because of increasing of the value of their stocks in the Holding after 5 years.

The CROWD FUNDING website (presently under construction) aims on private investors who invest from €. 500 (FIVEHUNDRED Euro’s) till max €. 10.000 (TENTHOUSAND Euro’s) per filmproduction; and who receive for this a fixed interest rate of 40% inclusive TAX for the invested amount within 3 years.
The foundation has the intention to payback the money and interests within 2 years for CROWD-investors.

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